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Brave Worship - Worship Foundations

Johnathan speaks about worship as a love song between the heart of the father and the heart of man. He encourages you to give your truest worship in all it's forms and speaks on the bravery it takes to do so.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship

Brave Worship

Jonathan Helser

Who do YOU say the Lord is?
* People want to hear your heart for the Lord, not a repeat of what others say He is.

He wants brave, messy worship. He wants "broken", "bleeding hearts" giving everything to Him.

You know you’re with a spiritual Father when you hold the fruit of their songs, and there are seeds in there for your orchards.

Real impartation happens in "family".

The Lord’s definition of success is family.
* The measuring stick for your worship team, is how much family is produced.
* Leaders need the people they are leading as much as their people need them.

“We are found by a Father but we are formed in a family.”

The Lord’s measuring stick for success is how much love is produced.

Don’t give more attention to the anointing than you do to the anointed One.
* Our inheritance is a relationship with Papa.
* Matthew 7:21–23
* One of the most dangerous prayers in the bible was when David prayed “Search me and know me.”

Don’t use Him to make yourself important.

If we spent more time as worship leaders worshipping the Lord for ourselves instead of trying to get people to worship, people would worship more.

He unravels us because He loves us.

Our greatest gift is not our gifts, our greatest gift is our heart.
* It’s so easy to forget who He is, and who we are and when we lose that, we lose everything.

Religion is a treadmill. You do a lot of work but you don’t get anywhere.
* God is asking us to come out from behind our fig leaves of religion and walk with Him.
* He is asking us to do family with Him.

Worship is a family thing.
* The first and last times in the bible that the word worship is mentioned are family moments.

There is a generation longing to know who the Lord is.
* Matthew 16:13–19
* The Lord wants to hear who you say He is.
* He wants to hear the song of your life.

When we know who He is, He introduces us to ourselves.
* “I’ve seen I AM, and now I know who I am.”
* As Peter declared who Jesus was, in that one encounter, everything that was lost by Adam was given back.

The elders in heaven are throwing down their crowns. Why are they throwing down their crowns? Because the Father keeps putting them back on their heads.
* Worship is an intimate exchange between us and the Father.
* The rain cycle here on earth is a picture of this exchange.