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Recipe For A Fear Free Life

Dawna walks us through a vision she had from the Holy Spirit. The 3 components of "a whole" life are power, love and a sound mind!

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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
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What Is Worship

Recipe for a Fear-Free Life

Dawna De Silva


Love is not all we need in life. We also need, according to 2nd Tim. 1:7, power and a sound mind. 

  • Sound mind defined as the proper discerning of a situation so that you can act accordingly 


I had a vision of 3 items on a kitchen shelf like items used for baking (living life to the fullest):

  • Power

  • Love 

  • Sound mind 


All these ingredients need to be used! Power and love can be used in the same recipe!


When we lose our voice, we start getting louder and louder because we feel powerless, and we need to add power back into our recipe. 


I want to talk about some of the spices we use when we feel powerless to gain back control: 

  • Rage: puts people in their place 

  • Pornography: if you’re feeling a little bit less manly than you want to be, if you’re feeling rejected by your wife, or feeling the pressures of home this can give you false power 

  • Passive-aggressiveness: false power of the silent treatment, etc. 

  • Shame/guilt: when used against another person can put you in power over another person

  • Victim spirit!!!!


What happens when we take love out of the recipe? We have no boundaries!

  • Unsanctified mercy empowers the person to stay stuck!

  • Enabling is out of order


When discernment gets taken off the shelf:

  • We have a critical spirit

  • Arrogance 

  • Jealousy 

  • Envy

  • Control


We need power in the church! We need the lame to walk! We need the sick to be healed! Don’t believe the lie that says if you’re powerful, you’re also unloving and tyrannical!