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Listen And Obey

Jenn discusses the relationship between how we view the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. She reminds us that obeying God's voice affects not only our lives, but those around us. She touches on character, integrity and the actions of our lives in relation to God's voice and learning to rely on it.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship

Listen & Obey - Character

Jenn Johnson

Ron (Jenn’s father) shares his journey of raising his family & encountering God.

If you are a parent, do you know where your children are headed?
* Ron met Jenn’s mom at a private Christian boarding school for high school in Oregon.
* Ron committed his heart to God during high school.
* They waited 7 years to start having kids, Jenn was the first.
* At home & church he felt like one kind of man, but at work, he was very different.
* Ron was riding the fence about really pursuing God.

Ron went out to go fishing one day and it changed his life.
* He was going fishing instead of church. As he drove God spoke clearly and plainly to him;
* “Ron what are you doing? I’ve got a lot invested in you. I have a big plan for you.”
* “Turn around and go home, get your wife and baby, and take them to church.”
* God told him to share with the whole church what He had been doing that wasn’t right.
* God used him to create safety for others who weren’t living right to change too.

Chase after the beat of God’s heart, wherever it is pulling you.
* Ron felt that “drumbeat” when they first visited Bethel.
* Judy Franklin inspired Ron to be open to the things of the Holy Spirit.
* God woke Ron up in the middle of the night & told him to move to Redding.
* This was a sacrifice for Ron: he loved the woods & owned land for the future there.
* It was a huge decision to quit his job with his brother.
* Ron was on staff from 2002–2006 in 1st year at Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry.
* Ron & his wife attended Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry the second year it existed.

Jenn shares her convictions about family, life with God, & ministry.

Listen and obey God’s voice over your life.
* One life choice can change everything.
* Decisions to do or not do something can alter your life and others that follow you.
* Don’t live your life for other people, but know they are watching your life.

Your life reflects the nature of God to other people. * We need to take our character seriously.
* God knows every detail of your life.
* You are accountable for the attitudes of your heart.

Character & integrity are of the highest importance.
* His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22–24).
* You have an invitation to set a standard of holiness.
* Take every emotion, action, attitude and thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Your actions represent your leaders & represent your family.
* Dr. Robbie Sonderegger offers a well of resources related to this.
* His job at one time was to teach the Royal Family in England to ski.
* One of them refused to ride the ski lift because he would fall & that would be dishonoring.
* At a very young age, he was aware of what his life reflected.

Take every action in accountability to God.
* Bill Johnson gives a good illustration of living life hosting God:
* How would you move, speak, or act if you had a dove on your shoulder (the Holy Spirit)?
* How would your attitudes & behavior change?
* What is your life like when no one is watching?
* Bethel’s worship community doesn’t put rules on their people.
* They go after the heart of their leaders.
* There is a sobering element to freedom and fun.

God has to tell you what is wrong or right for you.
* Other people can’t tell you where to stand on different choices.
* God told Jenn to look up the “grey scale.”
* The Grey Scale is “the color spectrum between white to black."
* Everything in between is a shade of grey.

Learn to rely on your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit to help you make choices.
* Colors on the grey scale are defined by how the light shines through it.
* All these shades of grey whether they are right or wrong, are determined by how I shine through.
* You need to hear from the Holy Spirit personally on small and large decisions.
* Sometimes simply telling you what to do is the easy way out & removes the need for relationship.

Present every decision and every choice before Him about what to do.
* Become accustomed to asking the Holy Spirit about everything until His mind becomes yours.
* Your experience of God’s presence changes when you still ask him even though He’s given you freedom or permission.
* Honor your leaders if they have certain requests of you.
* If you disagree, either bless them & bow out or honor them and stay there.

God doesn’t see us through time, He looks at your whole life.
* Jenn doesn’t remember when her kids make mistakes.
* She remembers how they clean up their mess & make an effort to restore.
* Even if you have fallen many times & gotten back up, He sees you with love.
* “Put people in your life that will come after you in Love when you are struggling or not at your best.”
* “Can I reach into your life & pull out "Truth" for you to see and be reminded of?”

Jenn & Ron’s prayer for you:
We anticipate what You have for us God, grow our longing for you. Cause hearts & ears to be wide open to you God. Deposit strength into people’s hearts about what you are working for the better, for the good. Bless the re-calibrating that is happening in people’s hearts during this school. Speak clearly God, mold us & craft us to know we carry you and represent.