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Created to Worship

Ray illuminates worship through Scripture and how to unlock our own worship expressions.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship


Praise is a physical expression of a heart attitude

Worship is "a spirit" response

  • Worship is fully responsive in nature
  • Every cell in your being is connected to the Creator
  • If you aren’t a worshipper, you forfeit your reason for existence

Worship = Shachah

  • To bow and put your face to the ground
  • If you’re going to worship, you have to get your head below your heart
  • The Lord is not a formula, He is a Father
  • When you put your face to the ground, you are acknowledging where you came from (dirt) and what you were made for.
  • If you’re going to worship, you need to get down to earth

If there is worship in your heart, you can go through hell

  • The children of Israel were led to a desert because He was drawing them unto Himself
  • What if our “deserts” are really about getting to place quiet enough where His voice is the only one we can hear?

When parting the Red Sea, Moses didn’t need sea

  • Parting faith, he just needed stick raising obedience
  • Miriam used the instrument that communicated to the Israelites while they were in slavery (tambourine) to worship the Lord!
  • The very first worship leader in the history of Israel was a woman with a tambourine
  • Every time God does something, there is a sound that is connected to what He did.

Music is the universal language

  • Everything God has ever created is a part of this sound of heaven
  • These sounds have been sustained throughout the generations

Every time worship is restored, it is the foundation of revival

  • God will go anywhere He is invited, but He’ll stay where He is welcome
  • When we turn our eyes to righteous living, we turn our eyes off of our everyday interaction with the Holy Spirit
  • It was never God’s intention to have revivals, His intention was for relationship
  • Even when Jesus had an encounter with God, there was a sound
  • “This is My beloved Son..”

Worship first, service second

  • Anytime you see worship as the priority, service will be empowered.