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Presence Over Power

Steffany shares personal encounters she has had that led her to pursue the presence above all else. Her story encourages you to seek your why and check the position of your heart in worship. She reminds us that desiring to be used in powerful ways is a good thing, but never at the expense of pursuing God's heart.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship

Presence over Power

Steffany Gretzinger

Everyone wants to affect the world in some great way. The “breaker” anointing - to break out a room - is one that most people want. But what if everyone just came into the room ready to break themselves open to God, like the woman who broke the perfume jar to wash Jesus' feet? What would happen in the room?

Worship leaders should lead themselves to worship so much more than they ever lead anyone else in worship.

Steffany shares an encounter she had with the Lion of Judah. Sometimes we get really excited about the roar, and we forget about the heart. She uses her story to illustrate how sometimes we get caught up in the power we are supposed to bring, instead of pursuing the presence.

If you always come into worship roaring or wanting God to use you to break out, it’s actually more self-seeking than seeking Him. It’s a difference in the heart position. It's very easy to pursue the power that comes from the presence and forget about that One Thing. It’s actually a good thing to want God to use you powerfully, but not at the expense of pursuing His heart.

Steffany encourages you to seek your “why” - Why do you want to be a worship leader?

Steffany leads the students in pursuing His heart and His presence. She closes in prayer.