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Davidic Lifestyle

Ray Hughes speaks about the power and authority one carries when living out a lifestyle of worship, as shown by King David. He covers the priesthood of David and how his intimacy with the lord is a great example for our lives today.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship

The Tabernacle of David

Ray Hughes

God recognized David’s heart, the only person pursuing God’s own heart.
* David had no ambitions for the throne or politics.
* David was not looking for a position, he was looking for the heart of God.

God gave David his heart. Now David had a heart for the nation and the political realm too.
* There are two really important prerequisites that happened in David, which are important for worship leaders.
* David had a heart after God.
* David had a fire to worship God.
* David had a passion and a fire to see others worshipping God.
* God knew these things about David and raised him up to be the king of Israel because kings establish standards.
* David established a culture of music.
* David cultivated a culture centered around God’s presence.
* David honored the past generation’s breakthrough by stewarding their songs.
* Triune being - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
* David qualified for this because of his heart.
* Jesus has given us access to the heart of God.

Tabernacle of David was thirty-three years of one song being sung.
* This song was continual.
* Same length of Jesus life.
* Jesus is the Son of David.

When you are created to be the voice of a generation, there will be a second voice challenging who you are.
* Jesus was baptized and the Father declared who Jesus is, and the Holy Spirit descended.
* Jesus was tempted in the wilderness right after the Father spoke identity. (Matthew 4)
* The second voice, (Satan) came and challenged Jesus identity.

David appointed full-time thinkers and "praisers".
* Seven times a day, David would call all political, business, social, meetings off for spontaneous praise and worship.
* Three times a day Israel would pray.
* Halal means full-time praiser.
* Shira is the sound of your praise.

Moving air and changing the atmosphere.
* Musicians were taught and trained to prophesy.
* Musicians trained for seven years when they turned thirty.
* Musicians were aware of the times - poetry and politics of the time.

Songs of deliverance - sounds of Moses and Joshua were recorded.
* Musicians created and built their own instruments.
* Musicians had to quote the whole bible perfectly.

The tabernacle of David was constantly moving with the Spirit.
* Daily devotionals - sing spontaneously scripture every day and create melodies from your heart.
* “Garbage in and garbage out” is the Word of God in and the Word of God out.
* “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)
* What flows into the heart, flows out from the heart.

Kenaniah was the teacher in charge of the singing.
* Established by God "for song". He instructed song because he was skillful. (1 Chronicles 15:22)
* The Hebrew word for this song is "Massa".
* The weightiness or burden of the God’s presence.
* This is the mantle of God.
* The glory would be on them.
* This brings the nature and power of God in the room.

Twenty-two string harp has one string for every letter in the Hebrew language.
* Playing the light and sound of heaven.
* God knows what is necessary, because of the prophetic purpose of sounds and how it breaks openly in the heavenly realms.

The enemy has a strategy. God has a strategy.
* David would send in the worshippers and dancers first in a battle.
* God was in the mist. The musicians were responsible for the shift in the atmosphere.
* Anything we value, we can access. Song carries our value system. (1 Chronicles 16)

Building from glory to glory.
* Musicians would release sounds that would cause the enemy to back off.
* This was releasing a sound of deliverance that was recorded years ago.
* Releasing a remembrance; we cannot touch the people of God.
* 33 years; no enemy, invasion.
* 33 years; no idolatry.
* What would that have been like for 24 different worship bands, taking turns playing music, every hour for a day? Turning one day into 33 years of nonstop worship.
* Singing a constant flow of a new song.
* The musicians were put in the proper place that they were created for and called for.

What is happening at IHOP is not the full expression of the tabernacle of David.
* We try to model other expressions of the Tabernacle of David and they are not sustainable, because people are operating out of the gifting and anointing.
* What does this expression look like for you and your church?
* What if your connection is in the government realm?
* What does it look like for you personally?
* What if it is your job to bring the expression of God into the movie industry?

The Tabernacle of David was on the cutting edge of creativity, sound, song, color, dancing, beauty, story, etc.
* The church has always been 20 years behind the cutting edge of creativity, which is a problem.
* What if you start grabbing God’s language now for this generation and started turning it into the song and expression of who you are?
* Singing a new song, releasing the sound of God. That is the tabernacle of David.

Khalil is a flute that brings wind through the chamber that releases the heart of God.
* The flute carries the emotional impact of God.
* One of oldest instruments known to humanity.

Seven different Hebrew words for praise.
* Hallal - 99 times in scripture.
* Tahila - The only praise that God inhabits. Spontaneous song of the spirit. God says he enthrones Himself upon it.
* Yaddah - shoot out the hands of praise and expression. This is the birthing response in our heart.
* Todah - The praise of thanksgiving before the fact. The act of thanksgiving before what God does.
* Barrok - to kneel to bless or salute. You are the King. You are the center of my reality.
* Zamar - To pluck the strings of the harp. Praise Him with an instrument. You are worthy of my full expression.
* Shadock- To shout, to commend, to sing. Psalm 145

Satan was the worship leader in heaven, but he wanted to be like God.
* Satan was the anointed worshipper.
* Satan said I will be like the "most high"
* Satan was position minded inside of presence minded.
* We have a position that Satan once had.

Israel was surrounded by 2 massive kingdoms that worshipped other Gods.
* Their reason to be was to wipe out Israel.
* In the middle of this was Israel and a crazy King David, when he was accessing God in the purest place in his heart.
* David gave a generation a complete God awareness.

It’s not about cocooning ourselves in nice churches with nice music programs.
* Open the doors of the church and get out in the streets and communities.
* God wants radical people who sit in His presences, therefore release His presence.

Ray’s Prayer for you:
Raise up these radical leaders. Let the purity and simplicity of David touch your hearts. I break shame, discouragement, fear of man and distractions off of you. Lord, release the power of your presence over your enemies. Give this generation confidence to be who they are.