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Worship In a Hurricane

Christa shares her personal experiences with loss, grief and finding Jesus in the midst of your storms. She focuses on keeping our theology anchored to the goodness of God despite circumstances.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship

Worship In a Hurricane

Christa Black

Jesus promises us peace in Him. He tells us we will have troubles/hurts/pain (hurricanes) but that we will always have peace in Him.

If you lead hearts, people’s actions will take care of themselves. When we receive healing, we give healing, when we receive love, we give love. You live according to what’s in our heart.

Christa shares her own story of losing her daughter.

We try to hard to avoid, run from, and numb pain. But it will come. We need to learn how to deal with it, where to go with it. We have to introduce our pain to the Healer and reside in the eye of the hurricane.

If you don’t have a stake in the ground that God is Good, if that is not your anchor, you will lower your theology to fit your experience with pain or lack.

Where is the goodness of God in the midst of it?

God is Love. Love always involves choice. Without choice, it ceases to be love. You are in control of your life. Humans make terrible choices every day. And we are the product of it. Pain is in our lives because of poor choices made by mankind.

Jesus is perfect theology. Matthew 10:8 - Jesus healed the sick. All who came to Him were healed. This is the will of God. There are things that happen every day that are not the will of God, but that’s because mankind has a choice.

There is no Plan B for your life. Whatever choice you make, even if it’s wrong, even if it’s in disobedience, God is the God of redemption. He takes those bad choices and he uses them according to His good purposes and will.

God allows the consequences of our choices, but He is not to blame for them. It was our choice! God is always good! Man created the cross, and God used it to accomplish His will.

What theology are you applying to God to meet you in your pain? Our God is a creator, not a destroyer. The two cannot exist as the same God. There are things you are blaming God for that you had a hand in.

When we position ourselves in front of Him and follow His ways for this life, health comes to our bodies, life comes to our bones, to our spirits, and it replicates.

When you get in the eye of the storm, with Jesus, you can do anything. You can have joy in the midst of your hurricane because Jesus is meeting you there. Every emotion you have, God can handle it. Find out who He is, be real with Him, and let Him handle it.

Happiness is circumstantial, joy is relational.

Stop blaming your Dad, your good God. Know your storm. Ask Him if it’s from him or not. There are storms that are totally from God to refine you. If it’s from the enemy, you get to sleep through it, to rebuke it and let God fight it on your behalf. you can’t be robbed in the kingdom, God will repay it 7 times. We will produce life and growth in the Hurricane.

Christa closes in prayer for students.