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The Power of Prayer, Praise and Proclamation

Ray discusses how important our language is. He encourages this generation in the plans God has for them, and dives into different biblical meanings of worship.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of Worship
Unit 2
Biblical Insights
Unit 3
Lifestyle of Worship
Unit 4
Why We Worship
Unit 5
What Is Worship

Prayer, Praise & Proclamation

Ray Hughes

We are living in an amazing time in history.
* he is moving in new wonderous ways
* we are living in a generation where we are going to experience God in new * ways

Prayer is:
* language
* intent of the heart

Pray right now that the Holy Spirit will bring a refreshing

You are not writing the next hit you're writing the next generation of praise.

Man tries to define God and tries to limit him to what He can do.
* the Holy Spirit is a fire, a storm, a wind, water.
* He can be a gentleman
* he can be a dove
* he can also be a wildcard

James 1:17–22 Be willing to experience God in casual moments of life.
* The word righteous sounds like a lofty term but the real foundation of the word means “as it should be”
* Most revivals last about 12 to 18 months
* When a man turns his eyes to defined righteous living and turns away from what the Holy Spirit is doing now
* Follow the wind of the Spirit

We are now in a generation that is willing to say “I am a worshiper first”.
* When we carry a new day with us, its called the presence of the Lord
* We carry a new word, a new song

We were created to be worshipers. If we are not worshiping God we are not fulling the calling of our life.

Worship Leaders - the greats tool that you have is the overflow:
1. A fire in your heart to worship God
2. A fire in your heart to see others worship God

Worship means to tremble fearfully in the presence of God.
* Worshipers also carry in their heart justice issues.
* God wants to great worshipers that can shift the spiritual atmosphere of cultures or city.
* God is going to raise up a generation that carries the weight that He does in a spiritual atmosphere.

Be doers of the word not hearers only.
* A common mindset in the church is to “strive”
* Eventually we burn out, then after being convicted we come back and strive

Doer means a performer poet.
* Performance is only bad when used through striving and through control
* But here is means an inspired action

Throughout scripture, the word poet and prophet is the same thing.
* Grace cannot be in tune with striving
* When people step up with intention they release a wave of God. That is what your sound and your song carry
* The light does not shine on us it shines through us

Before the printing press, knowledge of who kings are would be told by word of mouth.
* Storytellers, singer, songwriters, poets would go out into the realm and introduce the King through their creativity.
* They would tell about the king to the people who would never get to experience who the king is.

We are in a time when poetry is coming alive again.
* Lawgivers never shape culture
* Songwriters, artists, and poets do
* Songwriters shape generations

Tradition creates mindsets and mindsets creat belief systems.
* Truth shakes traditions because it is the only thing that can break through mindsets

God is going to raise up a generation that gives humanity a new definition of who He is.

10 Words that relate to the word for Prophet in the Bible:
* to make or create - to do
* A product of workmanship - poema
* A deed or an action
* A poet
* Various, variety
* to tend as a shepherd
* to supervise
* a shepherd pastor
* a flock
* a group of believers
* an individualizing man
* An inspired speaker

God inspired action for the sound of your song. What you are seeing and hearing becomes manifest.

John 4

The Samaritan woman did not know it was Jesus who asked for a drink of water.
* Jesus speaks of living water the He gives.
* The woman asks for a drink of this water.
* Jesus speaks with her about her husbands.
* She releases that this man (Jesus) is a prophet.

We always identify with the women at the well. But that's the problem. You are not the women at the well. You are Jesus at the well.
* We carry the sound of heaven we carry the creative nature of God.
* Let your life come alive in those situations.

The fear of man will take your song away quicker than anything.
* What is your song?
* You are the prophetic word to your generation.
* you are doers of the word.