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Inviting the Spirit into a Planned Environment

Gabriel teaches on the importance of language used between your team and your leadership and how that affects a worship service. He gives tips on ways to invite Holy Spirit into your weekly worship services and how to maintain honor while doing so.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of a Leader
Unit 2
Building a Team
Unit 3
Serving the Church
Unit 4
Leading a Service
Unit 5
Spirit Led Worship Leading
Unit 6
Bonus Unit - Worship Leaders Q&A, Interviews and Testimony

Spirit in a Planned Environment

Gabriel Wilson

The language we use when we lead worship is important.
* If you are bringing prophetic culture to people who have no grid for it, you have to use language that they understand.

Don’t say things like “sing out your own song to the Lord”, if you’re not going to teach them what that means.

If you can, if you have a great relationship with your pastor, fight for uninterrupted time.
* Don’t do anything out of rebellion, but do it out of a love for the people of God.

Once you have uninterrupted time, then practice it. Practice the prophetic moments, so you can find God at the moment when you’re there.
* Learn to keep one eye open on the clock.
* The greatest thing you can do is bring the Spirit but stay on time, and honor your pastor.
* Ask the Lord what he wants to do in a set, and when.

Let your team know where you want to go with the set.
* Practice the prophetic moments with them.
* Let them get comfortable with you going off the grid.

In an environment where expressive worship isn’t the norm, get your band out of performance mode.
* Let them know that if they are not playing, you want to see them worshipping.
* That will give the church permission to worship and go after the Lord.

Lock arms with your intercessors - the people who have spent years praying for you to be there.

Invite people to make a move towards the Lord that they have never done before.
* Give them permission.
* Use language they understand.
* Ask them to take a small risk.