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Leading off the Stage - Worship Leading

Eric Johnson shares the importance of true leadership and what that looks like in relation to what happens off the stage. He points out the spiritual, emotional and mental connection leaders can carry and the value of knowing your position of influence.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of a Leader
Unit 2
Building a Team
Unit 3
Serving the Church
Unit 4
Leading a Service
Unit 5
Spirit Led Worship Leading
Unit 6
Bonus Unit - Worship Leaders Q&A, Interviews and Testimony

Leading off the Stage

Eric Johnson

Leadership on the stage should be an overflow of leadership in your life.
* On stage is the product of who you are off stage.

Do everything possible to erase the line between the stage and the people.
* As your influence grows it is easier to want to stop connecting with the people who want to connect with you, but that is what keeps you grounded.

If you’re not leading people off the stage, you should not be on stage leading worship.

As a leader, assess who you are to them.
* You need to be aware of your position of influence in people’s lives.
* Don’t try to be a father if you have a place of influence as a brother.

3 Connections you have as leaders:
* Spiritual - “this person is my spiritual leader”
* Emotional - “this person can influence my emotions”
* Mental - “this person can affect the way I think and the way I process”

Prophetic words are rarely ever wrong, it’s all about timing.
* Assess who you are, and don’t come into a place operating out of a prophetic word that has not come to pass.

Don’t put yourself under pressure because of how they see you, just be aware.
* Use that to find a way to build a bridge.
* It gives you perspective and wisdom, and an ability to lead and move into places of relationship.

Be thankful when you get insecure.
* Why? Because it is God’s unique way of exposing something that needs to be dealt with.
* Do whatever it takes to deal with that insecurity.

Grace brings The Truth where there is not Truth.