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Spontaneous Worship - Sean Feucht

How can you create an environment suitable for spontaneous worship? Where is a balance between talking to the crowd versus doing the moment? In this lesson, Sean Feucht discusses a spontaneous moment he led during Bethel Music Worship School. He shares his journey as a worship leader and what he has learned about the beauty of singing a new …

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Unit 1 - Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Josh Baldwin
Unit 2
Unit 2 - Amanda Cook, Cory Asbury, Kristene DiMarco
Unit 3
Unit 3 - Jonathan Helser, Kalley Heiligenthal, The McClures
Unit 4
Unit 4 - Hunter Thompson, Sean Feucht, Steffany Gretzinger

Taking risk

  • The unpredictability of worship.

  • Embracing the awkwardness to create an atmosphere of freedom.

  • Worship in heaven is wild and unpredictable, and we are able to recreate that here, freeing people from the monotony of song order.

  • Anytime you venture from the known into the unknown, there’s risk involved, and as a worship leader, you’re going to have to take risks.

  • Embrace the awkwardness - create an atmosphere where there’s freedom to try.


Sing a new song

  • The Biblical command to sing a new song.

  • Creating space for new melodies and rhythms.

  • In the Bible, there are 89 direct commands to sing a new song unto the Lord. It’s a demand upon a worshipper to create an expression that’s never been created before.

  • Spend time not just learning the songs but open up the atmosphere for new melodies and rhythms. 

  • Try taking two songs that everyone knows, and create some moments between the two songs where you can vamp off the page. 


Leading the room

  • Embodying the breakthrough you want to see.

  • Engaging the room by being aware of the crowd.

  • “The Lord told me to open my eyes while singing, and to lead worship seeing what He is seeing.”

  • “I’m not trying to force an agenda but match what the Lord’s doing as people sing.”

  • Sometimes you have to physically embody the breakthrough you want to see, inviting people in.

  • People want to know how to engage, but for some of them the wall is just a little bit higher and you have to help them over it.


Exclusive Material

  • Sean shares about a time he led worship on Easter Sunday.