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Spontaneous Worship - Hannah McClure

What is it like to do spontaneous worship as a Co-Leader? What is the difference between following your Co-leader and following the Holy Spirit? In this video, Hannah McClure discusses a spontaneous moment she led during Bethel Music Worship School with her husband Paul and Leah Valenzuela on BGVs. She unpacks the spontaneous moment while …

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Unit 1 - Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Josh Baldwin
Unit 2
Unit 2 - Amanda Cook, Cory Asbury, Kristene DiMarco
Unit 3
Unit 3 - Jonathan Helser, Kalley Heiligenthal, The McClures
Unit 4
Unit 4 - Hunter Thompson, Sean Feucht, Steffany Gretzinger

Honoring Leadership During a Set

  • Co-leading a worship set and what it means to deliver a spontaneous moment.

  • “Honor the point” - the words she lives by when it comes to sharing the stage with a spiritual leader in charge of the worship set.

  • “Every moment is different, I’m always checking in with the leader. I try to be sensitive to the leader and the Holy Spirit.”

  • “The leader is carrying the weight of the set as the spiritual leader, so I’m not going to do something that they’re not on board with.”

  • “The Holy Spirit is not going to ask you to do something that isn’t honoring to your leader.”


Leading a Spontaneous Moment

  • “When I step up to the mic I’m not sure what I’m going to sing or say, but I feel in my spirit that something in me needs to come out.”

  • Hannah discusses flowing into a spontaneous moment and not feeling pressure to make it happen. She says, “If I am singing something it’s because I really feel it. There’s a pressure on worship leaders to do something spontaneous, and I don’t want to do a moment because there’s pressure on me to do something cool. I want to be lead by the Holy Spirit.”

  • Listen to the Holy Spirit and sensing what is happening in the room: “If I am feeling something in the Spirit, I often wait for the right moment to sing it out instead of doing it right when I notice something.”


Spontaneous Songwriting 

  • Hannah says it’s okay to practice melodies and choruses offstage with the Lord, and then reveal those as spontaneous moments during a worship set.

  • “Sometimes I do have new choruses that I’ve been writing and we try it out on the end of a song and see how the room responds to them.”


Exclusive Material

  • Hannah shares how the song “There’s No Other Name” was written from a spontaneous moment.