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Spontaneous Worship - Kalley Heiligenthal

In this inspiring lesson with Kalley Heiligenthal, she shares about her imperfect processes and what spontaneous moments are. She addresses a number of lies that can derail us and talks about what was going on in her mind during a specific spontaneous moment recorded at WorshipU on campus. This video is full of truthful wisdom and the …

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Unit 1 - Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Josh Baldwin
Unit 2
Unit 2 - Amanda Cook, Cory Asbury, Kristene DiMarco
Unit 3
Unit 3 - Jonathan Helser, Kalley Heiligenthal, The McClures
Unit 4
Unit 4 - Hunter Thompson, Sean Feucht, Steffany Gretzinger

Approaching a Spontaneous or Prophetic Moment

  • “I like to go in with the canvas clear by remembering who God is, who I am, and anything extra I am sensing I will pay attention to.”

  • “I am always sensitive to what we need in a moment for God to breakthrough.”

  • When we are coming out of one song and into another we are trying to link the two moments and create space for God to speak.


Unity of the Band

  • “Every member of the band has the responsibility of sensing what is going on in the room and watching the leader.”

  • “There’s a sweetness about going into a moment together with the band when you can hit that synergy of not just the leader but the whole band waiting and watching the room.”

  • “Cover each other by saying, ‘If you step out with your instrument I’m going to join you.’”


Additional Thoughts from Kalley

  • “I love singing with congregations and being able to give people words to sing over themselves.”

  • “We can actually pray into what the Lord is going to do ahead of time. It doesn’t always have to be an ambush.”

  • “No matter how confident we seem on the stage, we don’t have it all figured out. We are grasping up toward eternity and that can get clumsy.”