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Activating the Anointing

Don Potter talks about how risk is often a key to unlocking favor and anointing in your life. How even though you may not be the most skilled at something, God can still have a great calling on your life to do such a thing.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of a Songwriter
Unit 2
Refining Your Skills
Unit 3
Finding Inspiration
Unit 4
General Creativity
Unit 5
Song Stories
Unit 6
BONUS (Exclusive Unit) - Bethel Music Songwriting Retreat

Activating the Anointing

Don Potter

Don shares of his own personal hearing healing at the hands of Bobby Connors. He later developed Tinnitus, which was healed by God in a church service. He actually hears better now than he ever did! Thank the Lord, thank Him often.

Do you know what you’re anointed to do?

God told Don to wait on Him for extended periods of time. This was not ahis gifting, and the thought made him very uncomfortable. God told Don he could play his guitar while he waited. Don’s gifting is in music. Don shares that the very thing you thought you were anointed to do (music) may be the gifting to accompany what He has anointed you for (waiting on Him).

Don illustrates with the story of David. He was going to be the king of Israel because he was anointed to be the king of Israel. He was a musician - but not anointed to do that. He was a prophet - also not anointed to do that. He was a man of war, of worship, of valor, and supposed to be good-looking. As he went through life, he realized he wasn’t anointed to do those things. He was anointed to be king - the very thing he didn’t feel qualified to do. This was to prove it was the greatness of God, not the strength of David.

There’s a good chance that what you are anointed for… you don’t do very well at all. The Holy Spirit is the great assistant, the one who will get you there.

What makes a parable a parable? Jesus hides the truth in a parable because if you are brave enough to say no to the parable it won’t be because you clearly understood it, and you will get another chance at it later. A parable means only the hungry will want to know the answer. Don unpacks the parable of the sower in Matthew. It’s about the fight to understand the Kingdom of God.

Don shares his own story. Music was his god. Until God showed up and fought him for it. God is the only God.

It is good to discover the Greek and Hebrew words for things in the bible. We often lose meaning when translated into English. “Evil One”, in this context, means to be pressed by your labors, to be harassed by your work. it doesn’t mean the devil at all. If you don’t comprehend that God is the God of all, of everything, then the work you enter into will only stress you out. And you will lose the seed of His kingdom as a result. This translation of “evil one” is all throughout Jesus ministry in the scriptures.

God is called “I Am”, that means right now. That is why you can release healing in a room - right now. We need to stop thinking “in the future”. Live in this moment. All the days of your life.

Luke 4:18–19

Our understanding is not unlocked yet. He is still talking. He is writing His word on our hearts. He never really intended to put it in a book. It’s a consequence of rejecting Him.

Go to God for your answers. Your leaders can give you great advice and point you in the right direction. But God knows the best way, and He has your answers.

In Luke 4:18–19 there are two parts to Jesus anointing. He talks both in present and past tense, noting he was previously anointed, but now if the time to act.

Dunamis means power. But a more thorough translation means it is the power based upon your moral excellence, that with which your character is supporting. Jesus didn’t heal the sick based on His power, he healed them based on His character. Don’t mistake moral excellence, morality, based on our understanding of it.

Don defines “good” and “evil” as per the Old Testament and then the New Testament. Good and evil become the same thing in the New Testament: - Good - to be excellent, to really push in and succeed.
- Evil - full of labors, pressed and harassed by your labors.
God was right all along in not wanting us to know the meaning of good and evil.

Good also means, to be free from guile, and free from the desire to corrupt another. How do you unknow what you know? You take it to the Father and you nail it to the cross. We have partaken in wanting to know good and evil. You can be healed of this.

Don prays for students and declares freedom.