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Song Stories with Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson unpacks her writing process and journey with songs she has written. She shares advice from personal experience and reminds us to find time to write about who God is.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of a Songwriter
Unit 2
Refining Your Skills
Unit 3
Finding Inspiration
Unit 4
General Creativity
Unit 5
Song Stories
Unit 6
BONUS (Exclusive Unit) - Bethel Music Songwriting Retreat

Song Stories With Jenn Johnson

“Chasing You”
* A friend sent her a few musical backdrops to sing from.
* The vision behind the song came from Jenns desire to be after God’s heart. She wanted to pursue His heart.
* She wanted to capture His heart in a “what do you love Jesus” perspective.
* “This life, this love, was always meant to be a wild crazy adventure” Jenn feels that line is a message in its self.

“I can feel you”
* This was a personal song to Jenn.
* Jenn had just come out of a really rough season.
* She stood before the Lord and cried out to Him saying “do what you want to do Lord” He then lifted off this weight that felt like a blanket off of her.
* She then started to feel Him again.
* She felt very clear headed.
* This is when the Lord started to give her lines to the song.

“For the Cross”
* Jenn co-wrote this song.
* The idea of this song came from a moment when Jenn was on an airplane and the chorus came to her while they were landing.
* Jenn wanted to write a song that looked into the Father's heart.
* The looking at the cross from the perspective of a parent.
* The sorrow of Mary and God the Father always captured her.
* She wanted this song to come from that perspective.

“Joy of the Lord” spontaneous moment on “you make me brave”
* At that moment Jenn felt the need of joy to be released in the room.
* She felt that the Lord wanted to break depression.
* She professed the opposite of what depression is.
* After that moment Jenn went back into that and decide to add “You break depression” to the song because that is what she is feeling in that moment.
* A great wisdom is to record yourself when you are singing/playing prophetically.

“A Little Longer”
* This song is on one of the first albums she had made.
* Jenn was getting ready for a conference about to leave and was passing her piano on the way out.
* She heard the Lord say “Sit down and worship”.
* She started to sing about what He was wanting and then heard Him say “I didn't want you to do anything I just wanted to be with you”.
* God just wanted quality time with her.
* Jenn then lead the conference with the lyrics that had just come to her at the piano.
* It became a powerful moment in the conference.

“Come to Me”
* They decided to redo this song because she this song became her prophetic song to herself.
* She led the song the same weekend she had a massive breakthrough in her life.
* When they first wrote the song there was a lot of distress happening in the world.
* She had an encounter with the Lord about how He was A powerful God who loves us.

“Who you are”
* Jenn had it on her heart to write about God the Father
**** Advice from Jenn: Find time to just lay down on the floor and write about who God is.
* This song came out of many moments like that