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Writing From A Hook

In this session Dan explores a song hook, and the value they carry in a song. He shares practical tips that help you craft songs that influence cities and nations.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
The Heart of a Songwriter
Unit 2
Refining Your Skills
Unit 3
Finding Inspiration
Unit 4
General Creativity
Unit 5
Song Stories
Unit 6
BONUS (Exclusive Unit) - Bethel Music Songwriting Retreat


Start with a “Song Hook”

  • The part of the song that tells you what the song is about in as few words and musical notes as possible.
  • Great songs are born out of great hooks.

If God isn’t moving, we move God.

  • Stir up the things that God has put in you.
  • Creativity is the divine nature of God inside of you.
  • You were created to create.

Every song needs one great idea.

  • Everything else in the song is focused on presenting the one great idea.

There are two components to songs - lyrical & musical.

  • Lyrical - The song hook is stating the idea of the entire song in one very well stated phrase in 5 or fewer words.
  • Musical - a memorable and singable melody.

Creativity is a prophetic act of taking something unheard, or unseen and giving it a manifestation in this realm.

  • Isaiah 42: 9–10

Create a vision for what you are writing about.

  • Each song only needs one thing that it points to.
  • Look for the dominant song theme.

Use literary devices to make a song more memorable.

  • Alliteration - tasteful repetition of a consonant or vowel sound. “How Great is our God” & “Blessed be the Name” are examples.
  • Contrasting ideas - “From the Inside Out”, “Humble King”, “You Have Won Me”
  • Emphasis - Use Melody to emphasize the main ideas or words. “I could sing of your LOVE forever”
  • Tone - make sure the mood or tone of the song, matches the idea of the song.
  • Repetition - Repeat melodies and lyrics to emphasize the main idea. “Shout to the Lord” “Your Love Never Fails”