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Worship Team Leadership

Brian and Matt tackle the sometimes touchy subject of what leadership looks like in a team dynamic. They cover a range of topics including many of the hard ones we so often prefer to shy away from.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Understanding of Worship
Unit 2
Keeping Community and Culture
Unit 3
Knowing Your Heart and Identity
Unit 4
Growth and Service
Unit 5
Worship Team Structure and Dynamics

Team Leadership

Matt Stinton & Brian Johnson

Having a good leadership team around you is crucial (Matt)
· Surround yourself with people who have a different perspective than you
· Other input can create a more well-rounded decision
· Be a leader you would want to follow


There are two ways to lead: love and fear (Matt)
- Fear is the worst motivator
- Have you ever made a good decision when you are afraid?
- Fear as a motivator is not effective


Know who you are leading (Matt)
- Know your team
- Know their lives
- If you aren’t pastoral, surround yourself with people who are.


Casting Vision (Brian)

When you are building a team be sure to have: Dreamers and Managers (Brian)

- Creating and casting vision

- Build something you would want to be a part of
- Tangible
-Create something that pulls people in
- Impossible
- A vision that ONLY God could accomplish
- Plan smaller steps that move you toward both tangible and impossible vision


-Take a vision and give it legs
- Practical
- What are the smaller steps and how do we take them?
- What do we need to move in the direction the dreamer has created?


Find things that your team is passionate about and things that you are passionate about (Matt)
- What do you want the church to look like in ten years?
- Write the songs you want the church to sing in ten years
- Figure out what you are passionate about

- Find someone who is passionate
- Get vision
- Balance those with practicality


Having a management team at this point is important because they can give your vision arms and legs
- Set small goals that will move your team towards the goal (click track example)
- Give your team a voice in the vision!
- You always want people to own what they are involved in.


The pursuit of Excellence (We love excellence)

“This is a really touchy subject. Excellence is not perfectionism. People usually get stereotyped into this category. Be excellent in your craft so when you enter a worship set they remember those skills but they are able to attach to the Holy Spirit! Music is all about feel.”
(It’s called a lot of different things: anointing, etc.)


Well-rounded excellence (Brian)
- Scales and chords but also the Holy Spirit

- A lot of people just want the Holy Spirit and they don’t care about the skill. It’s about being able to play when the Holy Spirit calls.
- You won’t be stuck in a box you will be able to play like David
- Creating strength in skill for those moments
- Wineskin supports the wine
- Music is a tool to support what God is doing
- Fill that bag of tricks in your private time


David was alone with his sheep and when the wind of the spirit blew through the leaves he was able to play the song he heard and felt (Brian)

We are alive to play our instruments for a reason (Brian)
- Don’t dishonor the technical

- We act like it’s not as spiritual
- Sound team and lights are just as important to the move of the spirit as the music


“I don’t want this to sound harsh, but the heart is to honor the bottom line is having technically awesome, spiritually awesome, and heart awesome people.” (Brian)

Excellence is good stewardship (Matt)
“You gave me this and I’m going to run after being better.”


Perfection is performance and excellence is worship (Matt)
- As you peruse excellence there will be people that rise to the top
- Favor isn’t fair
- Why did God see David and not Esau?
- It may not be the person that has been there longer it's about who God is on at that time
- This is not a statement of value but when you partner with the Lord, people will be highlighted for a reason
- You will go so much further if you trust God and don’t just land on what is fair
- Communicating is so vital
- Outline that God is on this person and it may hurt
- This isn’t a skill thing or a heart thing but it’s about the Lord "being" all over a person.


Learn how to make hard decisions (Brian)
- You won't be able to avoid this
- Honor is important but playing the fair game is not always the best route
- If you promote someone that is not the person to promote and you put him in the role you are doing him a disservice
- That person may have a totally different path that you could pull them from by promoting just to be fair
- You need people who are so gracious
- The right answer can be the wrong answer if it is communicated poorly.


You are not the answer for a person (Matt)· 

If you need to pull someone from a position or you need to promote someone else, you don’t have to God’s job
- Make the right decision without feeling like you have to support something in them

 - Love them but do what is right
- It will be better in the long term
- God knows way better than us
- As a leader, you will always have to make hard decisions


Know your strengths and weaknesses (Matt)
- You don’t have to have all the answers, just lead
- Get help for the things you don’t know
- You can have the position without all the answers
- Don’t be afraid to get other people to help


Boundaries for leadership (Matt)
- Be accessible (they know and care about me) but you also need to know what you can and can’t handle
- Delegate
- If you look at the biggest revivalists in history, they burned out because they didn’t have boundaries
- “ I am not the answer, the Lord is the answer”
- Learn to take care of yourself
- You can be a good leader and have good boundaries
- If you want to sustain and not light then burn out you have to create boundaries


(Brian) “ This school has been different for me. My wife Jenn just lights up rooms, she is the life of the party. She is so encouraging. It wouldn’t be right for me to follow, because I don’t have those traits.”


Find out who you are and what you need (Brian)
- “I’ve changed my thinking and I am following what works for me to be healthy and effective”

- How do you “stay” when the storm comes and goes?
- The goal is to be the best “you” you can be in every moment
- You have to answer to God for every relationship. You are responsible for that
-  Learn how you operate. Sometimes it means going home early.



“I don’t want to come before the Lord and have him say, ‘Here’s where you got to, but see where you could have gotten to because you forgot to rest and delegate.’ Your primary ministry is to the Lord and then to family. He will never ask you to do something that will sacrifice your family. The Lord loves family.”