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In this session Jeremy shares his own journey and encourages students with the keys he's discovered to overcoming obstacles.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Understanding of Worship
Unit 2
Keeping Community and Culture
Unit 3
Knowing Your Heart and Identity
Unit 4
Growth and Service
Unit 5
Worship Team Structure and Dynamics


Jeremy Riddle

Jeremy shares his heart - He hopes you encounter God and get greatly wrecked by Him.


A skill set without God is just that, a skill set.

- Number 1 life skill for anyone who wants to accomplish something is "Overcoming". Can you overcome opposition and obstacles? Doubts, fears, disbelief, haters, etc. You’re going to have to learn how to overcome.

- Jeremy discusses the enemy that we must fight to overcome. But God gave you a sword when he put a guitar in your hand.

- If you want to grow in authority in worship - look at your conflicts. some of the greatest conflicts you will go through are part of your journey to get there.


3 Truths:

  1. You were born to overcome
  2. You have been given everything you need to overcome. Jesus won everything you need on the cross
  3. You’re going to have to fight to overcome.

Truth is truth regardless of what you believe, but you won't experience the benefits of the truth until you walk it out, fight for it.


There are 2 types of trials - setbacks and tsunamis:

- Setbacks e.g. mild disagreements, toddlers tantrums, not getting the job you want, etc. you brush it off and move on.

Tsunamis - an attack or situation or circumstance - where it challenges you to your very core. You can’t seem to reconcile your truth with your circumstance. Usually very specific to your calling, your purpose, your destiny.

- The oppressed people are the ones who have the keys to rebuilding the city, to renewal, to revival.

If the enemy can’t throw you off course, he will at least make you feel like a victim. To be an overcomer you need to ditch that mentality.

- Jeremy uses Bill Johnson as an example - His destiny and purpose in life are to remind people that we are powerful, that power is supposed to accompany the Spirit and us in the world, of signs and wonders. And yet his dad died of cancer. Bill talks about it shaking him to his very core. And yet he is an overcomer. Out of that came the core foundations for this house (Bethel).


Keys to overcoming:

- You have to have a vision of the kind of person you want to be, and the legacy you want to leave.

- Know your truest self, and be true to it. If you don’t know your truest self then get into a prophetic culture, and have it called out of you.

- Pay attention to who you are in the Presence of God, it’s a good indicator of your truest self. Jeremy shares a little of his own journey.

- You have to learn to coach yourself.

- You need training and momentum in the right choices and the right thinking. You need your instinctual responses to come into line with your truest self.

- Be determined to look like Jesus.

- Get verbal about it. Declarations, speak it out. When you start speaking it out the enemy/bad thoughts flee.

- Learn to process with the right, key, people. When you have to vent - and you do have to - find the best, most objective person who can call out who you are, someone who is not necessarily a friend.

  1. View your circumstances as tests with rewards. God is watching to see if you can be entrusted with more.
  2. Humility. Its the most attractive, beautiful thing in the world. Humility solves almost every conflict. It’s a fool-proof.

Kingdom overcoming is not necessarily stomping out the bad people. Sometimes, kingdom overcoming looks as if you lost.

When you’re in pain watch the medications you take. Sometimes when you’re in pain you’ll take the best-looking medication you can find, but it isn't necessarily the best choice. Pain Ends. Don’t make choices consistent with the pain, find the right people, who will call you out. watch the right things, do the right things.