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Growing in Spiritual Authority

In this session Jeremy speaks to us about what we believe to be true about spiritual authority. Listen with us as we dive deeper into how to come into agreement with who God says he is, and who God is.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Understanding of Worship
Unit 2
Keeping Community and Culture
Unit 3
Knowing Your Heart and Identity
Unit 4
Growth and Service
Unit 5
Worship Team Structure and Dynamics

Growing in Spiritual Authority

Jeremy Riddle

• As a worship school, we want to produce men and women of God.

• There is a balance of finding your passion and focusing on it, But we are not stuck in that thing. We are followers of Jesus and we should all be praying for the sick, we should all be feeding the hungry, don’t get so stuck in your ministry track that you miss what God is doing.

• Stepping into authority is partnering with what God is doing.

• Authority has been misrepresented

• God does not hand out true spiritual authority lightly, there is a process and a testing

• Jesus carried authority like nobody ever has, and he is who we are called to be like.

• Everything that He did we are called to do that and greater. God cared about the sick, the oppressed and demonized then and He still does now. SICKNESS is not God’s will for your life.

• God is redemptive, but his heart is for no person to suffer.

• Jesus is perfect theology

• We can’t represent our father without authority.

• Do you believe in a powerless God? No. Then why would we believe in a powerless representation of Himself?

• Key to hunger: Be like Jesus, do the things he did. If you don’t have a heart for the broken it’s probably because you aren’t praying for the broken people in your life.

• Jeremy never cared about crown molding in a home until he was building a home for his family. Then when he would hear people talking about building he would instantly want to know what they were talking about.

• “I could have cared less about kinds of chainsaws until I had to cut wood.” Ministering in ways that are outside of the box for you, even if you don’t like it at first, will make you hungry.

• Luke Chapter 4:1–15 The Temptation of Jesus

• This story takes place immediately after one of the greatest moments of His life. “This is my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased.” After God moves and shows you your identity He allows it to be tested.

• Jesus comes into agreement with who God says he is, and who God is.

• Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit when he entered temptation and he left temptation in the POWER of the Holy Spirit.


Three great tests for humanity

  1. Physical appetite. When your physical appetites are unhealthy and screaming for satisfaction, what will govern you?

  2. The test of your ambitions. High places, kingdom, glory, promotion. The enemy is never ignorant of your destiny and he will offer you a path to it. But it will ruin you, and God’s path will establish you. One path is as simple as giving in. One path leads Jesus to death on the cross. He chose the cross, the will of his father. What will rule you when you are offered an opportunity? Will God’s voice still govern you?

  3. The test of your identity. Even when it looks like you are going backward, will you seek first the kingdom? Let God promote you instead of taking it into your own hands. Will you remember whose you are, even when you’re in an environment doesn’t see it?


Every person testing you is an opportunity for you to walk in who you are.