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Worship Set 5 (WU 2019) | Kristene DiMarco, Sean Feucht and Morgan Faleolo

Morgan Faleolo, Sean Feucht and Kristene DiMarco lead worship in this set recorded live at Worship U On Campus 2019. There are many profound spontaneous moments, new songs and high praise. Ben Armstrong encourages students with a word from Psalms, to sing their own song and explore prophetic singing. 



  • (Time:00:30 - 06:10) - Morgan - Yes and Amen

  • (Time:06:25 - 07:40)  - Sean welcomes students and presents a new song

  • (Time: 07:44 - 13:21) - Sean - Let Everything That Has Breath

  • (Time: 13:30 - 17:10) - Sean leads in spontaneous, students sing prophetically. 


(Time: 01:02:16) Ben Armstrong encourages students to sing a new song.


  • (Time: 01:02:25 - 01:03:44) Psalm 149. Ben leads students in prayer

  • (Time: 01:02:25 - 01:03:44) Students sing prophetically

  • (Time: 01:47 - 01:05:40) - Sean - To The Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven

  • (Time: 01:05:50 - to the end) Ben leads students in prayer


Prayer: “Lord, we thank you for the privilege, the honor that it is to worship your name. Not just for songs. Let my life sing. Let my life be a song that you would dance to, my God. Let my life of worship inspire others to dance before the Lord, to move with the rhythms of your kingdom, God. You’re so worthy! So worthy of our praise, so worthy of our worship. Thank you. Let us never take for granted your opportunity to sing, whether it’s day or night, to sing praise to you. Because you are worthy, in Jesus' name. Amen.”