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Leading From Overflow

Do you want to become a better worship leader? in this inspiring video, Jonathan Helser teaches on how to become leaders who lead from an overflow of friendship with God. 

Intro - (Time: 1:14 - 1:39) 


“Thank you, Lord. I ask Holy Spirit you would increase our capacity. You would kiss us with wisdom and revelation. You would open the "eyes of our heart" to see who you truly are God. And in those eyes, we would see who we are as your beloved. Come fill this room afresh in Jesus' name, Amen."



Your Inheritance (Time:1:50 - 3:36) 


  • Ephesians 2:6-10 

  • “You were created to do great things.” Your inheritance is beyond what you could ask or imagine. 

  • Your inheritance is not to be burned out in ministry. Your inheritance is "abundance". 

  • “In the Kingdom, we don’t work for a paycheck, we work from an inheritance.” 

  • We lead from the abundance of the inheritance we have in Christ Jesus. 


Burn out v.s. Friendship Overflow (Time: 3:37 - 5:23)


  • “If the enemy can’t keep your hearts from burning for God he will use ministry to burn you out.” 

  • We have to look for our identity in the face of the Father, not in our ministry. If we look for identity in ministry we will find burnout. If we look for our identity in the face of the Father we will find fulfillment. 

  • “Burn out happens when our doing exceeds our being.” 

  • Everything that Jesus did comes from the overflow of his Friendship with the Father.  


Point 3 - Blessing Before Ministry (Time: 5:24 - 10:17)


  • Genesis 1:27. 

  • God’s first interaction with "man" was a blessing. The blessing came before the commission because we do the commission from the overflow of the blessing.”

  • Ephesians 2:6-10. 

  • We need to work from his blessing, not for his blessing. 

  • Greatness is put into you. You have the image of God and God is great, so you were made to do great things. 

  • Adam probably woke up on day seven, ready to subdue the earth and God decided that it was a day for rest. 

  • “You don’t work for rest, you work from rest.” 

  • Jesus’s ministry follows the same pattern. He spends 90 percent of his life in the secret place "being" the Son of God with the Father and 10 percent of his life was ministry.  The blessing came before the ministry. 


Point 4 - Effort from Blessing (Time: 10:18 - 11:33)


  • “Leonard Doohan says that “To fail to see the value of simply being with God and doing nothing is to miss the heart of Christianity.”  

  • “God’s design for you is that you would do everything from His pleasure. Not in order to earn His pleasure.” 

  • You’re created for great works but we have to flip our mindset. 

  • “Dallas Willard puts it this way “Grace is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning.”

  • “Earning is an attitude. Efforts just action from the overflow of being with a Father who’s doing great things.” 


Point 5 - Sabbath: Secret place with God (Time: 11:33 - 16:16)


  • Sabbath is probably one of the greatest tools you can have as a child of God, but it is especially critical for those in ministry. 

  • The Sabbath is there so that the rest of the week your doing can come from your being. 

  • “When we choose sabbath we choose to stop and honor the image of God in us.” 

  • “Ministry is meant to be an overflow of a relationship with the Father” 

  •  One of Johnathan’s spiritual fathers told him about the time when he heard God say “Come off the stage and play for me.” and he realized that he had been playing for people not the smile of God. So he started playing for the smile of God and at first, it was hard because he was not getting the applause from man he was used too. He would hammer the truth into Johnathan asking if he had his secret place where his roots went deep. 

  • Johnathan saw him two years after the school and looking into his eyes told him “Johnathan, the Lord misses you. Your so busy doing a lot of really good stuff but there's a seat that you have before the throne of God that no one else can sit in but you. Don’t forget about that chair that you sit in before God. Let everything come from that.”


Point 6 - Inheritance Quickly Gained (Time:11:33 - 20:40)


  • Jonathan was spending time with the Lord and read Proverbs 20:21. Johnathan begins to think about the songs he had written and the Lord came to him and told him that he had an inheritance recording music and asked if Johnathan would wait for His timing and would keep playing for the friendship he had with God. 

  • Jonathan is telling about his life and wants people to understand that his life is not a formula. It is the way that God has fathered him and Johnathan wants his testimony to inspire others to be fathered by the Father. 

  • Jonathan decided to wait on the inheritance and asked God to give him a nice guitar to mark when he should begin to record. Five years later and he was given the guitar that Bob Taloyr had built in honor of the Jesus movement. As soon as Johnathan had the guitar in his hands he felt the Father tell him “You are released.”  

  • Jonathan knew that when God told him to God it would all come from overflow. “There was going to be 90% that the world never heard,” Johnathan says. “I’m just tithing 10% of my worship to the world.” 

  • Start asking “What is my inheritance in ministry?” 


Point 7 - Time with the Father (Time: 20:40 - 23:39)

  • One time God asked Johnathan, “Hey, what was your favorite gift you ever got as a kid for Christmas?” Jonathan thought about it for a bit and then remembered that his favorite gift was the BB Gun he got when he was eight. The Lord told him, “You know it was your favorite gift because the gift required your father's presence.” 

  • That is what the gifts of the Spirit are to you too. The gifts don’t work unless God is there. The gifts are meant for us to have friendship with the Father and we use the gift out of overflow with the Father. 

  • “Orphans take the gift and find identity in their gift. Sons and daughters find belonging that a Father loved them that much He would give that much to them and it releases identity and confidence and humility.”

  • One woman had an incredible voice and so she started pursuing record contracts. Every door kept closing. She got frustrated and asked God, “God, why did you give me this voice if you are not gonna open any doors?” God said to her, “I gave you your voice because I thought you would enjoy it.” 


Point 8 - Your Inheritance (Time:  23:41 - 25:51)

  • “What is your inheritance in ministry?”

  • God has more for you than you could ask or imagine and does not include burnout. 

  • Read the scriptures and ask God, what is my inheritances in the bible? 

  • For Jonathan, it is the last verse in the Old Testament. He read that and knew that he wanted to see one generation to tell the next generation of the mighty acts of God. Eighteen years later he recorded the song Raise a Hallelujah and as he walked off the stage God told him that the song was the inheritance he had prayed for. 

  • “You have an inheritance and it’s not "burn out". Your inheritance in ministry is abundance and you were born to do it for friendship with Him.”  


Prayer (Time: 26:13 - 27:16)

“Yeah, Father we, we open up our hands and our hearts to you. Jesus, you came to give us life and to give us life abundantly. And there’s areas where we’re all weary and we’re burdened so we respond to the beautiful invitation when you said “Come to be all you who are weary and burdened and I will teach you what rest really means. I will put my yoke on you.” And, so we come to learn from you Jesus the way that you did ministry, the way you did life, the way you did friendship. Holy Spirit, empower each of these sons and daughters to do ministry the way Jesus did it, from overflow. I bless each heart in this room. That we would work from our identity not for our identity. I bless you with the rest of heaven. In Jesus name, Amen.