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Trusting In The Promises

Listen as Morgan Faleolo talks to us about trusting in the promises of the Lord. Throughout all things, there have been mountain top moments and valleys. It’s never been about mountains top and never been about the valleys, it’s voice has been about Emmanuel - God with us. 

Morgan introduces himself and shares his story - Time: 00:00 - 12:47

  • Morgan is from New Zealand, he grew up in Methodist church. He was about 8-12 years old when he gave his life to Christ. From years 12-14 Morgan began to have his encounters with God in worship.

  • Morgan shares the story as he had worship on youth service. That was a time when there were old instruments, which are out of tune, no music equipment, cold and freezing. And it was moments where his heart of worship was cultivated. It did not matter about the quality of the sound, but it was the position of the heart. 

  • The stage is not your secret place, it is the fruit of your secret place that becomes seen by others. Don’t bring your secret place to the stage. 

  • Morgan learned from that moment leading up to now this is a bunch of Yes that have led to this moment and being faithful with little moments. 

  • Morgan and his wife finished all 3 years in Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and then the Bethel family offered him a job, that is how they are here.


Throughout all things, there have been mountain top moments and valleys. It’s never been about mountains top and never been about the valleys, it’s voice has been about Emmanuel - God with us. 


Practical things - Time: 12:53 - 25:36

  • Heart posture

    • We live in a prophetic culture. And prophetic is not the only foreword, but it’s also present. Morgan shares as God humbled him, reminding that we need to chase the person of Christ.  Remember to be anchored in Crist. That is your anchor. That is where your hope is found, that is where your faith is sustained. Prophetic helps you and builds you, but it can’t be all about that. It has to be about the person of Christ. 

    • Trusting the promises of God is loving the Father. Grow in love with Him and watch what happens. 

  • Thankfulness

    • Thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude. Be thankful.

    • Thankfulness has to look like something, it has to be substance to it.  Gratefulness is a feeling, thankfulness is necked.

    • We enter the gates with thanksgiving, and that is the praise.  But starts with the heart posture.

    • Become faithful, thank for what you have right now. Be faithful with the small, and you will be faithful with much. 

    • 1 Thes 5:18 - “In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ”

    • Faithfulness becomes hard when you don’t see progress in promises. Bill Johnson said: “If we look for God in everything we will find Him in everything. What part of a promise are we looking”?

    • Strive to be thankful, go for it. It is very important not to strive in order to test your identity and values. Striving is not supposed to give you identity and values. In this striving needs to be humbled.

    • Being thankful is the key to the throne. It helps you to keep from negativity and helps you remain sweet in the presence. 

  • Humility

    • Grow humility. Humility is to know we need Him. In our lack and weakness, He’ll be made known. Jesus showed us an example, He needed Father so much. 

    • Resurrection follows after death. if your dreams need to be reviled, resurrected,  die. Maybe there are parts of us that need to die. 

  • Live wholeheartedly

    • Live in the moment, don’t live so much in the future disregarding reality. 

    • “The future will not have value to your feet if you don’t value your steps right now”. 

  • Familiarity

    • Don’t try to become familiar. Be familiar with God and He will build even more.

    • Don’t lose your wonder. A part of staying hungry is to stay in wonder.

  • Risk

    • In this prophetic culture, we were taught that faith is about risk. A part of growing in His promises is risking.

    • Sometimes, we talk about the risk we talk about jumping from the cliff. Morgan shares how God spoke to him. Anticipated risk is not the risk, and instead of anticipating the jump from the cliff keep running. Don’t look down from the cliff, look for the horizon, where Jesus is. 

    • Calculated risk is not a risk. When you risk the part of you has to die.