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Heart of A Worshipper

Surrender is essential to our relationship with God the Father. How can we better understand and apply this to our lives? In this heart moving video Cory Asbury talks about what it means to actually surrender. Cory shares in an inspirational way about walking through seasons and thriving in the process. 

“What if we could enjoy the processes?” “Time: 2:34-11:02”

  • Learn to slow down “...and just sit with the Father and be ok with that.”

  • “To enjoy the process we really do have to surrender.”

  •  The preparation is important in the process to the finished product. 



Seasons “Time: 11:08-14:48”

  • Cory shared a question that Joel Huston asked, “How does Winter become spring?” He continues to explain how there are really cold days then there is a day that is not so bad and then the weather goes back to cold weather. Then there is another day that isn’t so bad and then it gets cold again. Then there are several days that aren't as cold and that’s how the seasons change. “It’s slow, it’s a process, it’s not fun.”

  • There is something that doesn't look right or looks backward to us in every process. Misty Edwards calls this idea “The inside, outside, upside-down kingdom.” and that's what it is: backward to how we think it should be.  


“How do you become great?” “Time: 14:48-27:21”


  • Die to yourself.

  • “Lest a seed falls into the ground it remains alone, but if it dies it bears much fruit.” John 12:24 The seed carries life. Protect what little life it has. But if it doesn't surrender to the dirt then it doesn't fully live. And it never produces fruit or shade; protection and leadership.

  • “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever would save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for Me will find it.” Matthew 16:24  

  • In Ephesians 3 Pual prays that the church of Ephesus would receive a divine strengthening of might in their inner man.  Being strengthened can be an intense. process. 

  • “My brothers count it all joy when you fall into various trials. Knowing that the testing of your patience produces faith.” James 1

  • Why we don't like the intense process is because we like having control

  • Control is based on fear, while surrender is based on deep trust.  

  • “Control and trust are diametric opposites.”

  •  Cory shared a story of when he was traveling a lot and he started to get crazy anxiety. And what he learned through that was that he could trust God, that God was in control

  • “Jesus was fully submitted to the Father; even the Son of God fully embraced the process.” 

  • In Matthew 4 (Jesus’s temptation) Jesus chose to go through the process instead of taking the easy route. 


Keep learning how to surrender, to submit to the process “Time: 27:26-37:19”


  • Would you give up all the dreams that you’ve ever had to surrender again?

  • God has always ever wanted to fight for you.

  • In Exodus 14 is the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, and when the Israelites are freaking out and complaining God  it says in the Cory version “Shut up; and let Me fight for you.” Then the Red Sea split and their enemies were crushed.

  • When you invite God into the story He does so much better than you could in your own strength.

  • “He won't step in until you ask Him.” Like in tag-team wrestling; your buddy is standing right outside the ring and you are in the ring. You could be getting crushed but unless you can get over there and tag your buddy in then you are stuck in the ring without help. 

  • “He works all things for good for those who fear Him and love Him according to His will, His purposes.” Romans 8


Ending Thought “Time: 37:27-57”


“Invite Him [God] into the story. We’re all dealing with tough circumstances, we all do… Instead of fighting your own battle would you actually invite Him into it? He’ll do way better than you would. He’ll conquer your enemies in a way that you would’ve humiliated them. And everyone wins in this scenario. Invite Him into the story, invite Him in the battle. Stand still, shut up and let Him win for you.”