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Physics of Supernatural Sound

Are miracles supernatural or it is science? Did you know that the supernatural in the Bible is explained by science? What if you could understand it and bring it to your worship sets? Dive in this topic with Dan McCollam. In this teaching, he explains physics facts, demonstrates experiments and encourages students to practice supernatural …

Time: 00:00 -  02:12 Introduction

  • The supernatural realm is science, not just spirit.

  • Dan shares how he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and He called Dan to do something about the sound of worship in nations, which are losing their sound. “The song of revival has always been the sound of the Lord and the sound of the people. And it is when we make the sound of the people that they are able to receive the words of the Lord on a different level, and what God is saying, and what God is doing”. After that Dan began to study the revival history and what is the sound of revival, and also he was studying the sound in the Bible. Later, he began to study the physics realm, how the sound had a physical reason for releasing the supernatural realm. So, the things he is going to share are from his own journey.


Time: 02:13 - 06:48 - How the Universe was created


  • Genesis 1: 1-3 - God used the sound to create everything that exists in the Universe.

Scientists Dr. Henry Mores (???): “Everything needed for matter to exists is presented in the first three verses of Genesis”. There are three things that are needed for matter to exist:

  1. Nuclear forces - the atomic particles that would be used to create everything that exists within the Universe. 

  2. Gravitational forces - something to hold those particles together.

  3. Electromagnetic forces - they would define the shape and the depth of the reality. 

  • “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth but they were formless and void…”. God created nuclear particles that would be used to create everything that exists in the Heaven and Earthly realm but He had not shaped it yet. He created nuclear forces that are needed for matter to exist.

  • Verse 2 - “Then the Holy Spirit covered across the face…”. “Hovered is Hebrew rachaph" - a rapid back and forth vibratory motion. It means, the Holy Spirit came and started vibrating over the lifeless matters, so it could come together. The Holy Spirit was releasing waveforms and God vibrations. That was gravitational forces.

  • Verse 3 - “And God said, let there be light…” - God releases electromagnetic forces that we're able to define that shape and the depth of the matter.

  • In the first three verses, we have Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, who work together to create everything that exists.

  • Jesus the Word, the One who was speaking. God the Father formed matter from out nothing, Holy Spirit began to vibrate and energies this lifeless matter. and Jesus defined this matter with the power of His word.

  • The science tells us that at the center of all matter there are atomic particles and vibrations that are holding those particles together. Dan believes that this vibration is the voice of Jesus Christ, Jesus is the vibration that is holding all things together. His voice is greater than the matter itself because it is what causes the matter to exist and to hold together. 


Time: 06:52 - 34:28 Terms that are important to understanding the supernatural physics of sound.


  • Frequency.  It is the measurement of the speed at which matter vibrates. Everything in the universe vibrates.

  • Quantum field theory is the attempt to explain the unity in the dualism between wave and form. Here vibration is understood as there one true reality. And the particle, or the form, or the wave, or the motion are only two pole manifestations of the one greater reality - vibration. Quantum field theory says that the vibration behind the waves and matter is the greater reality. An example of flowers that are the visible reality of a sound. Everything in the universe in the music or sound that is taking a visible form. 

  • Robert Hook of Oxford University in 1680 started studying how vibration shape form and matter. 1787 - the book published “Discoveries in the theory of sound”. The example of how vibrations shape the sound, experiment “Sound on the metal plate in real-time”

  • What if you are not just making music, you are shaping reality with the sound you are creating?

  • From history: In 1858 the scientists discovered the flame and water are sensitive to the vibrations. 1904 - Rubins’ tube experiment. 

  • Resonance. It is the intensification or the prolongation of vibration so it can be heard or detected as the sound. The sound is determined through resonance. 

  • The example with the vibration of the volcano, when the frequency was put into music score and scientists discovered the Earth is singing warning song before the volcano interrupt. This is data sonification - the use of non-musical data which is just mathematical forms, or letterforms, or seismic of wave patterns, and encode it as music so we can interpret it. 

  • Isaiah 42 - “Sing, oh Heavens…” - what if that is not poetry but science?

  • Romans 8 - the creation suffers the pain of childbirth (which is vibration).

  • Every star and every planet has a dominant sound that can be recognized by the human ear. Psalm 148:3 - “Praise him, sun, moon, and stars…’

  • Psalm 19:1-3 - “The heavens declare the glory of God”. The Universe is the symphony of music. 

  • Sometimes, the sound is obvious, sometimes the sound can be encoded through data sonification.

  • The 1970s - experimenting with DNA sequences.  Scientists transferred the code into a music score and Copywrite to store it in a legal way. 

  • Genesis 4:8-10 the story of Cain and Abel. The Lord: “The voice of your brothers’ blood is crying to Me from the ground”.

  • You are a unique song that has never existed before. And you have unique ability to delight to the heart of the Father that no one else in the Universe possesses or has ever possessed.

  • Entrainment. It is two isolating bodies of the same frequency to lock and to face so they vibrate together.

  • The Deutch scientist in1665 discovered entrainment when working on two identical pendulum clocks.

  • Time 33:33 - 34:18 video about metronomes.


Time: 34:29 - The terms in micro and micro levels


  • When you are making a microsound it is engaging with something else in the universe or either creating it or destroying it - “The power of life and death is in your tongue”. Proverbs.

  • Gram Cook: “When we do by intention what we have done by intuition we archive acceleration”. When you do something musically during worship we actually are being inspired by the Holy Spirit to release specific sound which will break something or release something out. We can start partnering with intention in that to create a 

new reality.

  • When the sound wave is encoded with an intention it becomes a carrier wave that accomplishes the purposes of God.

  • The story of Jerehons’ wall fell down. Israelites marched together for 6 days. It was entrainment. 

  • Time 39:30 - 43:05 the video about the bridge fell down because of vibration created by the wind. The similar story we meet in the Book of Acts when Paul began to pray in the prison, earthshaking happened and all doors were opened. 

  • Everything in the Universe has a vibration, every vibration has a sound. If you make a sound of this vibration, you can recreate it or break it.

  • The testimony of the woman who had an encounter with God. Her son with Autistic Syndrom heard the sound that Jesus sang over him during his encounter and got healed. 

  • That sound wave becomes a carrier wave when it is encoded with an intention. That is why the Bible says, worship Him with understanding. Father is seeking worshipers who worship in the truth and spirit, who understand what they are doing. You always worship at the level of your revelation. Revelation is what encodes the sound to make it the carrier of the Kingdom rather than just a testimony of the Kingdom.

  • Mathew 18:19 - Entrainment. The Greek word in this verse is Symphonia which is a symphony 

  • Josh 15:7 -” If you abide in Me…” - If your words are resonating on Gods’ frequency and His words are resonating in you, then ask whatever You will and it will be done for you.

  • Isaiah 42:9-10 This is the supernatural physics of sound.

  • Time:50:22 - the video where during service sound appeared so everybody could hear it. 


Time 54:48 - 57:45 Prayer

Father, give us eyes to see, give us ears to hear. We are not just here to testify what to what we see, and, hear, and feel. But we are here to be ambassadors of the very Kingdom of God. We wanna be like Jesus in that we say what Heaven is saying, that we do what we see Heaven doing. Father, we wanna follow the perceptions in the leading of the Holy Spirit and we wanna encode our songs and our sound with the very intention and the heart of Heaven. 

Father we pray today, let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done here on Earth as it is on Heaven. And let everyone in this room be an ambassador. You poured out Your Spirit on all flesh so that every son and daughter could hear your voice, so they could prophesy, and have dreams and visions. And I thank you that it is not something we have to qualify for, it is Your Holy Spirit, the generosity of Your cross, the generosity of Your grace, the generosity of your prayers that have poured that Spirit out on all flesh to make us not just artists but to make us ambassadors.

Father, we thank you for that. So, I release grace in this room, and I release grace to those are watching online us right now that you would have the grace to hear and to see and to perceive, and to sense what Holy Spirit is doing because you were made for this. You were not just made to make a sound, you were made to make a sound of heaven. And so let the Fathers’ desire for worshipers that will worship in spirit and truth, for artists that would represent the Kingdom in a market place, that they would cowardly (??? Time 56:34) time bring a lyric that would be from the very throne of Heaven, that is about relationships, about business, about education, about life. But it would be encoded with the virtues of heaven and would begin to transform the hearts of people in the room. 

God, I thank you that we can make a sound that breaks disease. We can make sounds that open up and pour out blessings from heaven. Let the people praise Him and let all the people praise him than the earth will heal its’ harvest, then you, our God will bless us and pour out blessings from heaven. And all the people of the Earth will fear Your name. And God, that is our desire is to be Your prophetic ambassadors in songs, in church, in healing rooms, in prayer meetings, in conferences, in a market place, in a boardroom, in a club, in a cafe, Lord, in education, in the classroom. 

Father, everywhere that Your word is going may we will be ambassadors of the greater sound. And let Your Kingdom come, in Jesus' Name. Amen.