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Winning The War Within

What is fear and how does it impact our lives? Jason Vallotton teaches about how we can overcome our fears and move forward. He brings in a Biblical perspective of how fear works and shares his experience as a counselor, giving some relevant statistics to help you gain insight and breakthrough. 

Time: 00:30 - 08:37 This culture loves fear. 

  • In our culture, we love to fear. We watch the news and see everything become worse. We actually have everything better. Our wage is better, more opportunities, things are trending up, but news

  • “Pay attention to what culture is giving to you”. Sometimes, we concentrate on bad things, for example, line on check-in at the airport. But this is amazing that we can fly by plane from one place to another side of the earth in such a short time! It what people could not do hundreds of years ago. We have toilets at home, medicine, the economy is growing. Things are going better all the time.

  • Having all these advantages we are constantly survey and looking for where the danger lies. 


Time: 08:52 - 22:59 Our greatest drive as humans beings is the instinct to survive.

  • Our instinct to survive is how we’ve got here.

  • “When that becomes a lense we see the word through we create a culture where we don’t celebrate what’s actually happening, we worry about what might happen.”

  • Jason introduces himself as a counselor. He shares from his experience he sees what people are afraid of is happening to them.  

  • We create a culture of fear and then try to survive there.

  • Your home is the first place you learn to survive. If you are not taken care of you learn to survive, taking care by yourself. That is how you look to God then.

  • We live in a time where we even don’t have to have a connection because of apps. We can watch our kids and their school success by apps. But if you are not connected we go danger.


Time: 23:00 - 35:18 It’s our job to disempower fear from our lives and create a new normal. 

  • Fear will never let you grow bigger than it. And never does. It just reduces you. 

  • Build the platform of confidence, stability, insurance and care for your kids so they can launch from there. That what the culture of love does. 

  • The culture of fear says all of us should be the same.

  • The example of Israelites in captivity for 400 years. They crossed the sea and then spent 40 years in the wilderness, thought the way to the Promise Land was 40 days, and God was taking care of them. When they finally got to Jordan-river, they found Promise Land they were going to all those years, but they were afraid of a few giants there. Fear was the reason why the whole generation had to die before they entered the promised land because they still had Egypt inside of them. A culture of fear kept them from the Promised Land. They left Egypt but Egypt never left their hearts.

  • The culture of fear is crashing people.


Time: 35:20 - 56:16 Two main places that we need to confront where fear comes from


  • Thought life. You talk to yourself 30-50 thousand words a day. 70% of those are unconscious. And 70% of unconscious words are negative. 95% of those you repeat the next days. Thinking like this we create a culture of fear. Most of those thoughts never come true. Philippians 4:4 - Rejoice in the Lord. If you have something you worry about go to the Lord and let Him know about it. “And the God of peace which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and your mind”. This is how we disempower fear. Practice in it. Verse 8 - what you can think about.  Remember yourself about the goodness of God.

  • Unreconciled pain. Matthew 5:4 Blessed are they that mourn for they will be comforted. People don’t know how to deal with the pain, avoid the pain. Until you are ok with pain will govern how big you grow. James 1:2-3. “... Testing your faith is producing perseverance”.  You will lack nothing. When you go through the storm, own it, take responsibility, process it.  Your pain becomes a platform for God’s provision. We love the testimony but we hate the test. It's ok to feel pain during a test. Confront the fear by going forward. Allow people to help you. 


Time: 56:18 


  • We were only meant to go forward, embrace your pain, be vulnerable. The Lord will be your comforter, remember what God has done, think about what is kind and holly. Reduce bow down your knee to fear and allow to reduce you. As a generation, we have to disempower fear in our lives by taking complete ownership of our lives.

  • Prayer:

“Father, I thank you for each person here. God, I ask you to give us the courage to face the fear in our lives, Lord. Lord, that we would literally have a culture of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, Father. God, that you would lead us...”