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The Trinity

Jenn discusses the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a very personal, revelatory way. She discusses all three aspects of the trinity and how each has unique characteristics but they are all in harmony with each other.   

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Worship Through The Ages
Unit 2
The Key Facets of Worship
Unit 3
What is Excellence?
Unit 4
Become the Psalmist
Unit 5
Bonus Unit - Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Bill Johnson and Darlene Zschech

The Trinity

Jenn Johnson



“Help them to fall in love with the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

  • The trinity is three parts, but they are also one. Each part has unique qualities
  • When you play a chord on the piano, there are three notes that are very individual but when you play them together, they blend and create a beautiful harmony.
  • You can’t separate the trinity either. It works in harmony. You can’t be all about Jesus but not the Holy Spirit. You can’t be all about the Spirit and not the Father. It’s all one.
  • We use all different language in worship: God, Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus but it is all about The One all-encompassing God of the Trinity

Challenge: Show me how you are in each part of the Trinity

  • Wisdom is beautiful. We are looking for someone to tell us the answer; a teacher, a leader, a pastor BUT the Holy Spirit is to hear him in all things.

Jenn was praying one day and asked God for a revelation of the Trinity and he gave her the apple. This was a season where she was first talking about the Trinity with her children. They had lots of questions about which part was which and how they could be one but three at the same time. 

  • God spoke and said: There are three parts to an apple-
  • Skin, flesh, seeds (but it’s all the same apple).
  • *With any question have, God, will answer. He will customize his answers just for you. It may not be for anyone else but you. Follow that and listen!


The Father

  • When your view of the father is healthy and beautiful, it affects all areas of your life.
  • Many times people compared their Earthly fathers or spiritual fathers to the Father and it’s just not the same. Even with the best fathers on Earth, it’s still not the same. 

(This is how God spoke to Jenn and she encourages the room to get along with the Lord and ask him to reveal how he is a father.)

  • God is everywhere. God hides himself to be FOUND. He doesn’t do it to be mean. So look for him! Find him in everything. 
  • God began to show Jenn glimpses of how he is a father in places she never noticed.
  • Santa Claus: There is an aspect of Santa that is Father. 
  • Jolly, Laughter, Joyful, Generous
    • Psalms 2:4 God sits in heaven and he laughs
    • God is as happy as he is holy 
    • God is already here! We don’t have to fight to get him here
  • Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Lion of Judah, Majestic and Royal but yet Kind and snuggly, a Refuge, Fierce, Protector
  • He is a firm foundation, reliable 
  • “Who are you to me Father?”


Jesus (The Son)

  • Friend above all friends
  • If you are lonely, he is with you
  • Before you sleep turn your affection towards the father
  • Jesus is brother, counselor


Worship is a lifestyle. It’s not even music! Worship is your whole life before God. 

  • Tune your heart. Worship is not something you do, it’s who you are
  • There’s no compartmentalizing in life with the Trinity, worship Jesus, etc:
  • How you love, how you love your children, how you treat friendships are all worship. If you feel stuck, find new ways to worship. Maybe it’s as simple as showing up on time to work. 




To be a strong, well-rounded person be sure you have these three categories of people in your life:

  • Who's pouring into you?
  • Who are your comrades (Davids and Jonathans) Equally pouring into each other
  • Who are you pouring into? You always have something to give. Even if you just got saved, give love, peace, a smile. 
  • Don’t write yourself off! Don’t compare your gifts or yourself to others. You carry something that is important.


Run to help. No matter what you are going through in your life, regardless of how embarrassing or shameful run to help. 

  • The enemy wants to keep you stagnant BUT God is our Redeemer and his mercy is new every morning
  • Hiddenness causes shame
  • Jesus is that Friend and that safe place to run to. He was an obedient son.


Holy Spirit

  • Obey the Lord without a thought. Following the voice of the Lord is SO important. 
  • There are lots of black and white issues in life, but many are grey. The Holy Spirit will teach you what to do in those areas
  • Sometimes obedience to the Lord doesn’t make sense. Trust the voice of the Lord. Ask yourself, “what do I have to lose?” 
  • It’s not about being weird but it is about being SUPERNATURAL. Practice the voice of the Lord on safe people who are spirit filled. 
  • Use verbiage like “I’m trying to practice hearing God’s voice better, I wanted to submit it to you.” This allows for a safe environment to practice listening to God. 


Jenn tells a story about a bold encounter where she listened to the voice of the Lord and did something that was a bit odd but when she acted (after she talked to the couple and used verbiage that allowed her to practice listening to the Lord) a prophetic word came to her and it was amazingly impactful to them. Tears streamed down their faces and they said: “that is exactly what has been happening and when you spoke it broke.”


  • God is speaking and he wants you to obey without a thought process. Humbly and beautifully submitting to others what he speaks to you
  • When you are grounded in the goodness of God, you don’t question. If you know God is a healer, you don’t question praying for the sick. 
  • Who is God? Declare THAT in your circumstance. 
  • Speaking in tongues is beautiful because it connects your spirit to God. It isn’t in your brain, it’s in your spirit. Sometimes words won’t take you where your spirit needs to go. 


Holy Spirit is God with us

  • A life connected to the Holy Spirit in the Word of God is unstoppable and unshakable
  • The WORD of God is our road map. He will speak.
  • When God speaks to you it doesn’t have to make sense


“God is speaking to you in every aspect of life. It doesn’t need to make sense. Follow his voice, be brave and go after it! Be rooted in who God is and who he is in and through his word”