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Being a Temple

Self-will is not freedom, stepping into purpose and design is freedom. Becoming a temple that hosts the presence of the Lord is essential to continue writing history in worship. Bill releases a powerful impartation to host the presence of God. 

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Course Overview

Unit 1
Worship Through The Ages
Unit 2
The Key Facets of Worship
Unit 3
What is Excellence?
Unit 4
Become the Psalmist
Unit 5
Bonus Unit - Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Bill Johnson and Darlene Zschech

Bill Johnson

Being A Temple


John 1

John 6


  1. The house of God is us - you and me. 

  2. By nature, we have an open heaven. 

  3. The word of the lord is frequent and available. 

  4. The angels ascend and descend for us.


B. Jesus is the tabernacle of God among men. He was the initial fulfillment of the prophecy from the Old Testament. 

  1. Your conversion qualified you for the full experience of God.


C. It’s wrong to worship angels. But it’s equally wrong to ignore them altogether. 

  1. God will use what He made to reinforce strength in you and me. 

  2. We are designed to be co-laborers - something is fulfilled in Him when we take on and fulfill our assignment. 

  3. We carry a unique role in that we have been blood-bought, we are grafted into the family.

  4. Our worship is unparalleled in all of creation. 

  5. Satan was sent out of Heaven because he wanted all the of the glory. He was a worshipper. God could have destroyed him. But He decided to raise up those in His image to carry out His purposes and plans.


D. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh, but whenever he speaks the Word becomes Spirit. 

  1. Every time He talks He says what originated in the heart of the Father. 

  2. The angels know their assignment is to carry out the word of the Lord. 

  3. The angels are attracted to life and the fragrance of the Lord. They are there to enforce what He’s said.

  4. Words become spirit and that spirit gives life.

  5. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. 

  6. “Self-will is not freedom, stepping into purpose and design is freedom” - Bill Johnson

  7. Every time Jesus says what the Lord is saying the words create that atmosphere. It manifests the heart of God in that situation. Words create worlds. Some things simply will not happen without first being spoken.

  8. Everything that is outside the dominion of God comes under Him by the spirit of God and the words spoken.



E. When Jesus cast a demon out, then the kingdom came on that person. A greater authority became manifest. 

  1. The mandate of the Lord is to seek first the kingdom. 

  2. It’s an assignment to address the issues we face in this life and see how they can transform under His word. 

  3. We become instruments to bring peace where chaos reigned. It’s very practical.

  4. We are carriers of a person. We interact with God Himself. Both old and new testament don’t talk about “The Presence” they talk about “the face”. 

  5. Worship = to kiss.

  6. In thanksgiving, I’m responding to His works, his actions. It’s a sacrifice. And the offering of thanks. “In worship, you are the sacrifice” - Bill Johnson


F. Jesus didn’t do His miracles as God. 

  1. He is God. But he also became a man. He said he only did things because the Spirit of God came upon him. He chose not to function as God when He did His miracles. When we find out he did the miracles as man, not as God, we are compelled to go beyond what comes normally to us. 

  2. Many of us define our ministries by what we’re skilled at. But we are supposed to define our ministries by what we are called to do.

  3. He has a habit of commanding us to do the things we can’t do - because then it can only be done through a relationship with God. 


G. Story of the woman with the bleeding just touching Jesus and he felt "power" flow from him. 

  1. He was so aware of the Presence that he felt a release when someone put a demand on what he carried by their expression of faith, so much so that he noticed when power flowed from him. 

  2. How can I live in a way that I’m so conscious of Him that I feel the Presence flow from me? Jesus was in conversation and people were touching him all around. But He felt the power flow out when the woman touched Him.

  3. How do I become the person the Spirit for God would rest upon and never leave? He always lives in us, but who does He rest upon? He’s in me for my sake, but He rests upon me for yours. 

  4. Having a dove on your shoulder makes every movement purposeful.


H. Jesus knew that He could speak and change a situation because of what He carried. 

  1. He was modeling life for those that would follow HIm. 

  2. He was without sin and empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

  3. The blood of Jesus enables us to live without sin. How full of the Holy Spirit are we willing to live?


  1. Jesus commanded you to release your peace into a house and see if it comes back to you.

  2. Noah and the dove.

  3. John 20:19 - Disciples are hiding in fear. Jesus appears to them.

  4. Peace in the kingdom is the presence of a person. Not absence of conflict, noise, strife like in the world. 

  5. We are carriers of the person. 


J. Work is worship. 

  1. All sacrifice attracts fire. It attracts the supernatural. 

  2. Peter hosted the presence s powerfully that His shadow released the Presence. Your shadow will always release that which overshadows you. 

  3. Being people that first and foremost give Him a place to rest.

  4. God is looking for a generation. We have this privilege to host the Person. 

  5. We look for opportunities for the Spirit of God to manifest. This is why we’re alive. 

  6. We were born to host the presence of God.


Bill closes in song and prayer.