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Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

Kristene shares her own process in partnering with God’s reality and call for her life, over and above her own experience.

Born Capable, Then Hitting Limits - 

  • We are born capable and confident and in the midst of that “He is God and I am not.” This should bring peace, not discouragement.

  • “There’s something beautiful about believing in our capability . . .”

  • Disappointment can “bring you closer to the Lord if you respond well.” Kristene illustrates how to not respond by telling stories of taking herself “out of a race.”

  • Following Christ, we will have a day when we hit our limits and we choose to either “quit or cry out.”


“I did not have what it takes.” - 

  • Kristene finished high school and joined The Call, but she got near to break down and burn out. It was “devastating” for her to find out “I did not have what it takes.”

  • “. . . there were no ponds to throw me into.” 

  • “. . . I felt most unseen by the earth, but most seen by God.”

  • “Who am I doing this for?” 

  • Kristene had been taking short-cuts and yet God wanted her for His army. There was comfort in how God saw her, even if it was not how she saw herself.

  • “You should feel the weight of the call of God on your life.” 

  • “I want God’s reality to trump my own.”

  • God showed Kristene, through a dream, that He needed her to believe what He said about her. “He was just looking for this yes.” And when He has our yes, Holy Spirit runs with it.


Good News for the Weak - 

  • The Gospel is full of good news for those who are weak. And God chooses the one who gave up, the one who screamed under her keyboard, to be in her army.

  • Kristene recalls God speaking 2 Corinthians 12:9 to her.

  • “I felt like I was disqualified, but God completely qualified me because of the Gospel.”

  • “. . . there’s a cross where all your weakness has a place to die and stay dead.”

  • “Are you ready to surrender your view for Mine?”

  • The Holy Spirit wants your “right to quit.”

  • Kristene reads Jason Upton lyrics that spoke to her the day she was on the hill in San Francisco. 

  • “. . . I knew I was called to be strong, I knew I was called to do incredible things, I knew I was called to be significant. But I needed the collaboration of heaven to get me there.”


You are an Heir  - 

  • Kristene told God “yes,” and God said “you’re not one who shrinks back.” (Hebrews 10:39).

  • Kristene learned that because of what Jesus did, she was an heir. She is good, noble, strong. There is so much peace in God saying that we are “inherently good.” Kristene references Romans 8:16.

  • Kristene always wanted to be good, noble, and strong. At one point she believed she could be, but then she became disappointed. She couldn’t do it in her own strength. “But there’s Jesus.”

  • Kristene reads “what it felt like to come to the end of myself [...] and then be met with Jesus.”

  • “The gospel's just great news: not just for salvation, but for life.”