Spontaneous vs Prophetic Worship - Brian Johnson

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In this video, Brian Johnson explains the difference between spontaneous and prophetic worship songs, how to listen to the Spirit, and how to develop your relationship with God.

Video Summary

Music, at its very nature is prophetic. It has the power through God to cause change; music opens doors to invisible realities, whether evil or good.

Have you ever listen to a song and then realized that your mood has changed?

Music had the ability to emotionally affect our hearts and spirits. Whether inducing positive or negative thoughts/feelings, music itself cannot be wrong; God is not against our emotions (as He has emotions himself). We are created to experience emotions and the heart behind the music. As a prophetic culture (especially while leading worship) it is most important to prepare our hearts before entering into corporate worship.

Prophetic Atmospheres

In the midst of worship, ask yourself – Is this a spontaneous song or is this prophetic? Is this what God is saying?

Prophetic atmospheres create a space for revelation to come. It is crucial that we as a culture, learn how to steward prophetic atmospheres. Powerful moments ignite when God’s words are heard. Our songs are the runway to the prophetic. Cool fact: When David played over Saul, Saul was delivered.

It is time to tap into what the Lord is saying.

Spontaneous Moments

When entering into spontaneous worship, we must start from a place of love for the Lord. Turn you heart toward the Father and be attentive to the Spirit – you will know when He is on it!

Take the time to practice the spontaneous (as well as the prophetic) just as you would do with any normal song. To start, in your personal worship time with God, allow the instrumental interludes of a song to repeat – began there. Have fun with God and allow your heart and declaration to shine through. Then converse with God about what He is/was doing. Do not try to be prophetic, just let your heart be open and listen to the Spirit.

Always Keep in Mind…

1. If you are a worship leader you are prophetic (it doesn’t have to be spontaneous to be prophetic).

2. God enjoys sharing His heart. If you have the gift of music, God is excited to see what you are able to do and how far you will go. Learn and practice your craft so that you will not be limited by physical constraints. This will allow you to better listen to what God is doing and what He is trying to say.

3. Learn how YOU hear the Lord. Do not try to hear like other people; your relationship is unique between you and God. Develop your relationship with Him.

4. God has NO limits! He is not bound by rules – He will break every rule that you have made up. Look at the life of a revivalist…the way they operated was totally different than that of anyone else. (Everyone operates differently.)

5. Music feeds the spirit. We have the privilege of putting the Word of God into lyrics.

About the Speaker

Brian Johnson is a singer-songwriter and Senior Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. He is a founder of Bethel Music and has produced several albums which have influenced the culture of worship in many hearts and churches around the world.