Come Alive

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What makes you come alive in worship? In His presence? What ways does he move and speak?  How do these encounters breathe life into everyday?

These questions helped frame the theme for WorshipU On Campus this year.  “Come Alive” is an encompassing response to God’s Spirit as He consistently invites us into clarity in stewarding passions, desires, and a calling to worship, both corporately and in the secret place.  To come alive means to be filled with hope, joy, contentment, and thankfulness for what the Lord has given us to do.  It is to recognize that wether or not our circumstances reflect what our heart truly desires or what we know we are called to spend our time doing, everyday is an opportunity to feel totally alive in worship to God.

The mystery and wonder of God turns the most ordinary into moving pieces of His heart.

The mundane or  what can feel like “place holder” seasons of life, truly matter. They weave into the tapestry of our ultimate calling, which will always be in the overflow of our worship.  When we struggle to steward well the hope to see our dreams fulfilled, it is important to remain focused on what we get to do, are called to do, and love to do as worshippers.  Read below as students share what makes them Come Alive.


Jimmy 2

“Fellowship. Where we all come together to enjoy the presence of God. It stirs me up and fires me up. It’s so great that people come here and see that people have come from all over the world to get together to worship God because of the hunger that’s inside of them. That gets me so pumped and excited.” -Jimmy

Davina_NEW“Knowing God’s truth. For me, being here, my main scripture has been ‘Worship in Spirit and in Truth’ but what I’ve realized is that I’m lacking the truth part, and I realized here that mercy triumphs over judgement and that God isn’t a tease and He doesn’t hide from us. Believing and walking into the truth of who He is has made me come alive and set me free.” -Davina


“Authenticity. I’ll go anywhere that I can see an uninhibited expression of love. That’s what brought me here. At first when I heard about Bethel, and I looked into it I was skeptical because that’s my safety net. But by the time I processed through the all of the “wow” factor, and seen the heart of the people. It was something that I knew I needed to complete my spiritual pilgrimage.” -Paul

God’s original design began when He breathed his spirit into Adam and Eve. Throughout history we have seen this theme occur when an army of dry bones was awakened, and then, when Jesus gave us access to the precious gift that is the holy spirit.

Knowing this very spirit lives inside each of us, we can’t help but respond in adoration and worship. It spurs you to express yourself to Him corporately and in the secrecy of your home.


“All the Earth will shout your praise. Our hearts will cry, these bones will sing; “Great are you Lord.”


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When the presence of God is evident in our lives, it is our natural response to awaken and engage.  May your praise be evoked by passion and your response flourish with understanding of what it looks like to come alive.

“For anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Eph 5:14