Brave New World // Album Summary

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On September 25th, Bethel Music released the debut worship album from Amanda Cook, “Brave New World.” Trading the pop-rock sentiments of modern worship for mellow arrangements and haunting melodies, Cook’s 13-song outing explores the softer side of worship music. From shimmering guitars and warms synths to lush reverbs and the gentle pulsing of electronic drums, “Brave New World” builds an inviting and atmospheric soundscape for the listener.

Lyrically, “Brave New World” comes fully charged. The songs on this record are very outspoken about the goodness and kindness of God.

Cook openly confronts common misconceptions of who God is and how He interacts with humanity.

Her songs “Kind” and “Mercy” are two great examples of this.

In her song “Kind” she addresses the fallacy of an angry and vindictive God. With strong and simple phrases like “You are not an angry man, You do not treat us with contempt” and “Love is powerful enough without the fear of punishment” she paints a picture of God as the just and gentle Restorer that He is.

Cook centers the chorus of “Mercy” around James 2:13 singing, “You delight in showing mercy and mercy triumphs over judgement.” In this song, Cook proclaims the merciful and redemptive nature of the Lord. “So I will awake and spend my days praising the One who raised me up; from death to life, from wrong to right, You’re making all things beautiful.”

While the musicality of “Brave New World” provides a captivating experience, the lyrical depth and poignancy will both challenge the mind and soothe the heart.

Amanda Cook has done a great job delivering a memorable and heartfelt album.

“Brave New World” is available now on iTunes and the Bethel Music store.